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How the landscape inspires us…

This Earth Day 2024 we reflect on the top 3 ways the earth, nature and the landscape has inspired us...


Magee 1866 Earth Day
Magee 1866 Earth Day

Mist rising over Mount Errigal is reminiscent of steam rising from our final finishing process on our Trellis throw in our mill.



Our business began with tweed, a fabric that evolved from the land and is of the land. Look closely and you’ll see intricate patterns from field-like checks to interlaced shapes that have become our most popular weaves.


Magee 1866 Earth Day
Magee 1866 Earth Day

Rolling out Donegal tweed in herringbone pattern in rich heather hue in our mill. Blooming heather as seen in the Donegal landscape.



Our Magee Weaving design team and our Creative Director Charlotte Temple draw inspiration from the land that surrounds County Donegal, be it the colour of heather, the deep blues and navy of our sea-scapes or the texture of rugged mountains. Often yarns are inspired by the natural dyes and colourways of the surrounding area capturing their beauty in their make.


Magee 1866 Earth Day
Magee 1866 Earth Day

Detail of yarn colourways on the loom in our mill and sun-dappled landscape of mountain stream and moss.



We are an established part of the local community in County Donegal who aim to lead the way by doing the right thing for the environment. The Temple family have planted over 150 acres of forestry to off-set carbon emissions and breed a small herd of their own organic grass-fed cattle whilst working closely with Irish Grown Wool Council to develop the potential for Irish wool.


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