Damian Browne


Sharing common traits of resilience, commitment, skill, and character, together with a mutual affinity for the wild shores of the Atlantic, extreme adventurer and peak performance athlete, Damian Browne captures the essence of Magee 1866.

Magee 1866 Suits
Magee 1866 Knitwear

After retiring from a sixteen-year professional rugby career, Damian has since scaled some of the world’s highest peaks, crossed deserts and, last year, completed an epic 112-day row from New York to Galway.

As a family, we are avid fans of the outdoors, being in the elements and embracing wild places. This shared interest in adventure drew us to Damian as we admire the depth of courage and determination it takes to complete his feats.

Magee 1866 Suits
Magee 1866 Outerwear

Shot on location, by the sea in our home county of Donegal, the rugged coastline of which offers us endless inspiration, this campaign brings to life the character of our 5th generation family brand.



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