Men Magee 1866 Donegal Tweed

Magee 1866 Men Donegal Tweed | Tweed Jackets | Tweed Coat

Donegal Tweed

Magee 1866 Men Donegal Tweed | Tweed Jackets | Tweed Coat

Donegal Tweed

Men's Donegal Tweed Jackets | Sports Jackets | Blazers | Tweed Blazer | Tweed Jacket

Tweed Jackets & Blazers

We are renowned for our luxury fabrics, which we design and weave at our mill in Donegal where we have been weaving for over 150 years and five generations. These come to life in our signature blazer selection. Special attention is paid to every detail of each garment, from trim to fit. A Donegal Tweed jacket is a must for every wardrobe.

Men's Donegal Tweed Outerwear | Coats | Overcoats | Duffle Coats

Tweed Coats

Our range of outerwear showcases the best of what we do, taking our unique fabrics and creating timeless pieces. Staying true to our heritage, the range features the iconic Donegal Tweed patterns, Herringbone and Salt & Pepper, alongside contemporary patterns, designed by our talented team who take inspiration from the rich Donegal landscape. A Magee 1866 tweed coat is an investment piece that will stand the test of time.

Men's Donegal Tweed Gilets | Waistcoats | Tweed Gilet | Tweed Waistcoat

Tweed Gilets & Waistcoats

A stylish alternative to the classic tweed jacket, gilets and waistcoats make great layering styles and are useful to have on hand all year round. Highlights in our selection include the Cavan gilet in luxurious Donegal tweeds with a Nehru collar and the classic fit Glyde waistcoat.

Men's Donegal Tweed Suits | 3 Piece Tweed Suit | 2 Piece Tweed Suit | Tweed Suit

Tweed Suits

Whether it’s for a special occasion or business, a Donegal Tweed suit is a timeless choice. As a bonus, a 3-piece suit offers lots of opportunities for mixing and matching for multiple looks. We love to style with an Irish Linen shirt for a classic look.

Men's Donegal Tweed Caps | Tweed Caps | Tweed Flap Cap | Tweed Baker Cap

Tweed Caps

Available in two styles – the classic flat cap and a baker style – our selection of Donegal Tweed caps are crafted in a wide range of Donegal Tweeds, designed and woven at our mill in Donegal.