Women Magee 1866 Donegal Tweed

Donegal Tweed


Donegal Tweed

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Tweed Jackets and Waistcoats

The Magee 1866 jacket is at the heart of what we do – we are renowned for our men’s Donegal tweed jackets but more recently our attention has turned to creating a beautiful women’s collection of tweed jackets. Highlights include a hot pink salt & pepper Lily blazer with hints of teal and purple and Alicia jackets in classic country style checks.

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Tweed Coats

The Magee 1866 coat collection embraces our heritage with a contemporary twist. Highlights include an all new Emma coat in a dusky pink cashmere blend and a vibrant 1970's inspired patchwork Linsford coat.

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Tweed Skirts

Highlights this season include the Carey skirt in a luxurious multicoloured patchwork Donegal tweed and the classic Dana pencil skirt in a green country check. Our tweed skirts are complimented beautifully with matching Alicia and Linsford jackets.


Magee 1866 Green Dana Country Check Donegal Tweed Skirt
Magee 1866 Blue Dana Herringbone Donegal Tweed Pencil Skirt
Magee 1866 Multicoloured Carey Checked Donegal Tweed Skirt
Magee 1866 Patchwork Carey Salt & Pepper Donegal Tweed Skirt
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Tweed Capes

A luxury collection of Donegal tweed capes. The Eske cape is ideal for travelling – lightweight and warm. Our capes come in one size which fits all, so they make a great gift.


Magee 1866 Camel & Blue Donegal Tweed Eske Cape
Magee 1866 Camel & Pink Donegal Tweed Eske Cape
Magee 1866 Camel & Mulberry Sorcha Donegal Tweed Cape
Magee 1866 Blue Eske Donegal Tweed Cape
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Tweed Accessories

Our Donegal Tweed accessories are a unique collection of pieces which make a great gift. Choose from a selection of wallets, gloves, books and key rings.

All the pieces in this collection are designed and woven by us in Donegal, Ireland. We use luxury natural yarns including lambswool, cashmere and alpaca. Designs include the classic salt & peppers which sit alongside checks and contemporary patterns. We are still handweaving some of our fabric.